Cressida Campbell Painting

Cressida Campbell is considered to be one of the most celebrated artists in Australia. Born in Sydney in 1960, her woodblock prints have become some of the country’s most collected and are held in many international galleries and museums including the National Gallery of Australia and the British Museum. Cressida is currently represented by Philip […]

Anita West loves Australian landscape and the Australian outback

Landscape Artist

Redland City Bulletin – July 20, 2015 Artist Anita West, of Birkdale, enjoys painting on large canvas and often works on two paintings at a time. Photo by Chris McCormack ANITA West loves the Australian landscape and if it wasn’t for her love of art she would be working in the Australian outback. A mid-career […]

By Way Of The Land

Bush Painting of Blueberry Ash

By way of the land: Salisbury Studios painter Anita West An interview with Samantha Groenestyn Blueberry Ash © Anita West Anita West has a very practical and grounded outlook as an artist. She brings a no-fuss, earthy and steady presence to the Atelier, a living example that making art can be a sensible and steady job—that […]

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