The Commissioning Process

Painting a Commission

I really enjoy the challenge of painting a commission and I have done many over the years for both private clients and also for large international corporations and hotels like ‘Peppers Soul’ on Surfers Paradise.

Most clients who request a commission have fallen in love with a painting that has already been sold and they would like something similar, or they are wanting a painting that has different dimensions to the original because they have a particular feature wall that they would like to hang the painting.

The commissioning process is easy and I have had a 100% happiness rating from clients who often say that they prefer the commissioned piece more than the original.

There are a few steps that need to be followed before I begin your commission.  I generally allow 6 weeks from the time of the deposit to the delivery of the finished product.  If I have a number of commissions on the go then this will be longer.

Commissioning a Painting

Steps in the Commissioning Process


Firstly, I need you to provide specific dimensions of your commission.


Then I need you to find one painting image from my website, Instagram or Facebook sites that you would like the commission to be based on.


Thirdly, I need to understand from you exactly what it is that you like about the original work. So, think about the colour scheme, the balance of colours, the composition and any thoughts about what you would like featured.  The more information I can get from you, the better understanding I have of what you are looking for.   This is very important and you need to take the time to really think about what you want.  I don’t show progress images as the work changes dramatically in the process.


I will then send you an invoice of the full price of the painting including delivery and GST along with all the notes, original painting image that the commission will be based on, and any other important details that relate to conversations or emails about the commission. I do request that you read over the notes and add any extra information that is relevant or other thoughts or ideas that have not been covered.  This is your opportunity to make sure that all the communication is clear.  After a payment of a 10% deposit, I will then order the stretcher frame and begin the work.


When the draft painting is completed I will send you an image and this is your opportunity to ask for any small changes that you would like.   I make allowances for adjustments within reason as long as the composition and colour scheme are not compromised.  If you are still unhappy with the final result (it has never happened!) then your deposit is forfeited, as I will then have to sell it through one of my representing galleries.


When you are happy with the finished painting, I will send you an updated invoice with the commission image.  After you pay the balance of the account and I will organise freight to your home or business.


When you have it hanging, (it comes ready to hang with D hooks and chord.) I  would love for you to take a photo ‘in situ’ on your wall so that I can post it on social media (if you are happy with that) and any comments that you have about the work so I can include this on my website and blog.


Please note that my paintings are painted around the edges with one solid colour.  I don’t ‘wrap’ the painting image around the edges. There is no additional framing required.  Just unwrap it and hang it.

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