Anita West loves Australian landscape and the Australian outback

Landscape Artist

Redland City Bulletin – July 20, 2015 Artist Anita West, of Birkdale, enjoys painting on large canvas and often works on two paintings at a time. Photo by Chris McCormack ANITA West loves the Australian landscape and if it wasn’t for her love of art she would be working in the Australian outback. A mid-career […]

By Way Of The Land

Bush Painting of Blueberry Ash

By way of the land: Salisbury Studios painter Anita West An interview with Samantha Groenestyn Blueberry Ash © Anita West Anita West has a very practical and grounded outlook as an artist. She brings a no-fuss, earthy and steady presence to the Atelier, a living example that making art can be a sensible and steady job—that […]

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